I’m working on it.

Actually, right now I’m procrastinating, but I did post a question at the Compuserve Writer’s Forum, so that counts as work, right?


So, I’m going through Valerie and Daniel’s story, tentatively titled “Old Dogs” (learning new tricks, get it?) and adding a bit here, working my way toward those new scenes I need to add. I really should just jump to those new scenes and add them becuase I keep getting sidetracked, like now, because I’m blogging instead of writing. But I found some new links and added them and thought “Well, since I’m here, I might as well add something…”

So, in the interest of advertising the new link, here goes. One site is an online archive of short stories, always so good for inspiration. Short Stories at Classic Reader is a good place to read some classics of the short fiction genre and maye get those creative juices flowing. If I continue to procrastinate, it might be there, getting some steam built up.

The other site is How To Write a Short Story. Even though I’m far too busy (read ‘lazy’) to write a short story, it doesn’t matter, because these instructions are for writing something of any length. Short stories are harder since you have to introduce characters and setting quickly and resolve the whole thing in far fewer pages.

And a writing exercise I intend to start for all my characters, as a way to keep in the story even when actual story won’t come: Write down everything you know about your character: favorite foods, likes, dislikes, hobbies, medical issues, habits, you name it, write it down. Even if many of these facts never make into your story, they’ll help you remain true to your character over the couse of the story. At least in theory, since I haven’t actually done it yet.

Now, go write something!!!


Entering the homestretch


So, I’m plugging along, well ahead of the 1,667 words that need to written daily in order to complete NaNoWriMo on time. But it’s not flowing as easily. It sometimes takes some kicks in the ass to get moving forward again. But it *is* happening. I’ll finish this thing and soon. Then I may ignore the file for quite some time and come back to it with fresh eyes and ideas. And, who knows, if I do that and it doesn’t all turn out to be complete drivel, then I’ll work on publication. In light of that goal, I found a new website I wanted to share. Called Forward Motion, the site’s goal is helping people get published. It is my sincere hope to accomplish that goal someday, sooner rather than later.