So, my writing has stalled. I keep reading over the stuff I’ve written and liking some of it, knowing some of it isn’t right, but not fixing any of it, except for a grammar tweak or a rewording here or there. But nothing new wants to come. I have scenes that are in my mind that are there, waiting for me to add them in, especially in the story with Valerie and Danile (yeah, there I go talking about them like they’re real again, I know…). She inherits an old house that’s going to need a lot of work. A large chunk of their becoming friends and getting close can be contained in the house-fixing proces, but will any of it come out onto the keyboard? Not the first thing…

The forum I usualy hang out at at its best isn’t very active, which is part of what I like, not too many people to post my stuff in front of, you know? But slow has become absolutely stagnant. My posts are almost the only ones there lately and my daily checking for activity has become an exercise in futility. I need a source for feedback, I guess. Feedback that I’m not getting from anywhere right now. My husband doesn’t read fiction at all; if it’s not an instructional manual or a website with some kind of information he’s looking for, he doesn’t read it. No one else I know is someone that can offer anything beyond like or dislike, not the suggestions or constructive criticism that I need to stoke that fire that fuels my inspiration.

And this sitting on my ass all day long staring at the screen waiting for something to happen isn’t doing me any good. Except for going to the grocery store today, the majority of my day has been spent sitting in the very chair I’m pressing with my ass this moment, bitching about my writing. I am a sad, strange person…

A quick funny

Breaking writer’s block

I’m not stuck, really I’m not. But not much writing has happened the past few days. No excuse really. I’m off from work, and have had the house to myself all day until DH gets home from work in the evenings. I swear it’s just laziness and/or my ADHD kicking in. Then there’s cleaning the house up. It actually looks like people live here now. And then there’s M*A*S*H reruns (what is currently distracting me).  And tomorrow I’ll be going to the Jacksonville Quilt Show with Mom.

Actually taking time out from writing does help me see it fresh when I get back to it. Distractions can inspire some too. Yesterday, while doing an impromptu cleaning of my office closet (I went in there to clear a space for the vaccum cleaner, which I ended up never using. It’s still sitting in the middle of the dining room floor), I had a new scene for Valerie and Daniel’s story come to me. Her house is vaguely based on mine (except her’s sits on a lake, mine is a good ten miles from the nearest body of water bigger than a retention pond). The house belonged to her parents, then her mother died and her father couldn’t bear to live there. Therefore there a lot of things left in the house for Valerie to go through. It makes sense that Daniel might help or end up there while she’s doing this chore. I haven’t yet decided where to put this scene in their relationship but it will go into the story somewhere, and it all came about because I was in the throes of a cleaning fit.

But ultimately for me, what it boils down to to break a block, is just sitting down with the laptop and getting words out of my head and onto the disc. It may be crap, it usually is, but if it ends up out of my head, I can edit my little heart out later. The first words to hit the page are garbage, but it’s the idea, the story they convey, that is what’s real. If I can get that down, the hard part is over for me. I can edit, revise, rewrite and rethink at this point. Getting the words out is the chore.