What to do when characters won’t behave?

2041671260_982e088052So, here’s my dilemma. I’ve got my favorite main character. She’s had some rough times, she’s finally found love, come through all the hardships to the other side, but there’s another man in her life. They are like brother and sister and he is somewhat older than her. But it would make such a great pairing if they ended up together, and make for further adventures maybe in the future. Her love interest is a wonderful man, they love each other deeply and I have already written a series of scenes that could potentially lead to his demise, opening up the way for her and her oldest friend to become a couple. Trouble is, I hate to kill the guy off. I’m going to be offing other characters along the way (mostly unsavory sorts) and she’s had a lot of tragedy in her life as it is. I’m trying to lighten it up a bit and not make her such a melodramatic mess, but still the thought nags at me. Death for the current love interest is the only option for the pairing to happen.

My current plan is just to write alternate scenes of the new reality and see what happens. If it’s terrible then I won’t have wasted any time. I can just set the ideas aside in a folder of their own for later perusal. If nothing else it will give me some writing exercise.



Tomorrow starts NaNoWriMo

So I’ll be making a genuine effort to do this. Really. I swear.

Okay, so I don’t keep up with this as much as I should, but *excuse mode ON* it’s been a seriously AFU week at work. Monday was busy, Tuesday I was fried because I watched a guy wreck his truck right in front of me, Wednesday was so busy (and I was/am suffering from Hormones From Hell) that I didn’t get lunch until 3 pm, yesterday was the day of huge dogs to radiograph unsedated (lots of risk of radiation exposure to the people that HAVE to hold the dog, even more exposure because the dog won’t be still and they have to be positioned correctly for the images to be diagnostic, the same clinicians are always the guilty parties, blah, blah, blah) and now I’m sore, and today we had CT scans from hell. I left early to avoid the traffic generated by everyone in Gainesville heading to Jacksonville for tomorrow’s Florida-Georgia game and was a half-mile from home when I had to stop. A parade. At 1:30 in the afternoon. Down one of the main highways through town. Back on the highway, another half mile down the road, this street blocked too. Once more back on the highway, down to the ATM almost out of town, then approach the route to my home from the opposite side of town that I had originally come from. Okay, so this route isn’t blocked by police, but the opposite lane is full of middle- and high-school footbally players, many of which dart across the street, across the lane I’m creeping along in… I got home at last. So m uch for leaving early. *excuse mode OFF*

So, back to the writing. I’ve got a werewolf idea brewing, I’ve probably mentioned the idea in passing. Anyway, I think I might have a different approach to the concept. That or halfway through writing it I’ll find a book already published that has a similar plot and I’ll have to resist the urge to slit my wrists. 😉 Tomorrow will start the writing and I’m going to have to squelch the editing until I get the word count down. I tend to write, read, tweak, read, rewrite, read again, tweak some more… you get the idea. Not editing will be the hardest part, I think.

So, wish me luck. I’m gonna need it.

Busy week

So, I haven’t posted much here the past few days. It’s Veterinary Technician’s Week and at the VMC, I swear that means “go to these continuing educational presentations, which may not have anything to do with the job you actually perform, regardless of your caseload.” Sure, the information presented is interesting, but I work in Radiology; I haven’t done labwork in over ten years. I won’t be doing labwork anytime in the foreseeable future. If I don’t use the information on a regular basis, it atrophies and dies, because the words to “Satisfaction” have a firm hold in my brain and does not suffer interlopers lightly. As since I’m not certified (and may never be, at this rate) these CE sessions mean little to nothing to me, benefit-wise. Since I’m not certified, they don’t count toward CE credits to help me maintain my (nonexistant) license. I found myself finally at lunch about 2 pm yesterday, trying to do a bit of writing/editing and I was nodding over my laptop! When your own writing isn’t enough to keep you awake…

This will all find its way into my writing sooner or later. Characters too busy to do basic chores like grocery shopping will also be neglecting relationships, pets, taking out the trash and that will affect said relationships, pets and trash receptacles. So, with that in mind, I think that’s what I’ll write today at lunch, provided I actually get lunch and don’t doze during that hour.

Valerie is really busy; getting the house repaired, car trouble, with work, maybe with studying for renewing her certification as a vet tech (because she is one), maybe one or more people are out sick from work and she’s coming down with it herself… I could go on, because my own life provides such scenarios on an alarmingly regular basis. And maybe when the shit hits the fan (hopefully only in the figurative sense) she’ll realize she can’t do it all herself and she should accept the help offered. I’m discovering Valerie is a very proud person, doing everything she can so she knows it’s done, and to her standards. That’s why she hung on to her marriage for so long; she couldn’t admit to herself that it was screwed up until the evidence slapped her in the face. So she’ll be running around, ninety to nothin’, and something will happen to force her to stop. I’m not sure if I’ll use an existing scene and elaborate, or if I’ll start from scratch. Of course, it should be Daniel in the role of Shining White Knight; this story is, above all, their story. I think they’ll be together in my imagination for a very long time. I already have ideas perking for after the reconciliation and I haven’t even written all much of the pre-relationship stuff yet.

Okay, whinging over. Back to the world inside my head.

How real life events make into my writing

Things like today. A dog bit me, not horrible but the worst bite I’ve ever had. Right now, I hate dogs (not really, but you know what I mean). Stupid dog… and we’ll be doing orthopedic surgery on this dog, which means more opportunites for her to bite me in the future, when we do follow-up radiographs every few weeks. With my luck, this will be the dog that things go badly with, and she will be back in the hospital even more often… *sigh*

So, a scene I was thinking about for Valerie and Daniel’s story will definitely become a part of it. Instead of a dog, it wll be a cat, and Daniel will be the unfortunate victim. It’ll be another way to put the two of them together. And hopefully it’ll offer further insight into both of their personalities. Valerie ends up helping Daniel cope with his injuries and possible rabies exposure (not something that a British native might worry about right away). She is familiar with cat bites, as I am. I’m just really glad it wasn’t a cat that bit me today. So much worse… I see them, Valerie and Daniel, so clearly in my mind, sometimes I forget other people aren’t privy to the story as it stands. So I’m trying to write as things hit me, but with being busy, ugh… I spent my lunch in the campus infirmary icing my dog bite instead of the library with my flash drive.

But tonight I may spend some time with Rayne, just reading and fixing little grammar things. I miss her, now that I’ve been mildly obsessed with Valerie and Daniel. So maybe we’ll just spend some quality time tonight. After I take a shower with a bread bag taped over my arm.

Did I mention my husband works in human medicine? The bread bag is his device.

Upcoming event

So, like a fool, I’ve signed up for NaNoWriMo. Thirty days of furious writing. Right now, I’m having issues getting even a bit of editing done. I need to get myself back on track. NaNoWriMo may be that kick in the pants I need to get the ball rolling again (I’m mixing metaphors; that can’t be good).

This weekend is probably a bust for writing; today was an all-day continuing education seminar; tomorrow will likely be spent with DH and/or curled into a ball nursing an epic case of Hormones From Hell. Might be a good time to write some emotional or confrontational scenes while the mood is on me. Time to unleash the Bitch!

They do say ‘write what you know’….