What a scary thing to do…

scardycatSo, I took the last thirty pages or so of the Big Damn Story and put it in a new file and started rewriting, writing poor Garoben out and changing Rayne’s reactions and mental state accordingly. I like the major angst going on, but then, that’s just me. I don’t want the story to become such a mess or for her to be such a mess, but am enjoying exploring the emotions and evolving feelings she and everyone around her has during her recovery.

Yeah, none of this makes sense unless you read it. Some scenes have been reviewed by friends but the whole thing is still mostly in my head. As if it’s not enough that I’ll probably never finish it, then I have to go and muck around with the ending. It may not stick, but exploring the alternate ending is fun so far. Now if I can just make myself go back and write on the backstory leading up to this point, I’ll be doing good.