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You’re cleaning out your garage and, hidden away in a back corner, you find an old shoebox. The box is heavier than it should be. When you open it up, you find cash—$40,000, to be exact. Where did the cash come from, who hid it there and why?


This one came from Writer’s Digest. I’m considering writing this one up from the view of Valerie. She’s in the perfect position to have something like this happen, inheriting the old family house and having to clea out a lot of old stuff. The money would remove some of the angst of her being short on cash, starting over again, but it might prove interesting….


Where ideas and inspiration can come from…

I’m a learner. I’m probably doomed to be a perpetual student, off and on (off, right now), but I’m always learning. Any way someone else has to do something more easily or even just different is always interesting to me. Consequently, I’m subscribed to word-of-the-day emails, quilt  shops with free patterns and the Instructables website. What a cool site. Somehow, a search with the parameters of ‘cat tower furniture tree’ (because I have four cats and need to keep them entertained and not scratching my furniture) gave me this hit.

I’ll let you check out the site yourself. I’m thinking the writer of the instructable does not have English as a first language, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is the they gave an interesting approach to generating some creative writing. Whether it expands into a full blown novel or is just used as a writing exercise, it can get the ball rolling, the juices flowing, whatever analogy you wish that means you get off you ass and start to write something.

Which brings me to the whole concept of writing exercises. I usually participate in the bi-weekly prompts posted to the Ladies of Lallybroch Literary Forum, another of my online haunts. Often my participation takes the form of posting something I’ve already written. That is acceptable on the forum, don’t get me wrong, and everyone there is great at praise, offering suggestions and pointing out grammar mistakes, plot holes and whatever else needs fixing, in the nicest possible way. I love that. But I sometimes feel a bit guilty for not always using the prompts to write something new. Maybe not completely new, but new material in one of my worlds. I intend to explore the web and see if I can scare up other things to kick-start my muse. If I find anything that sounds interesting, I’ll post it here.

Watch this space…;-)

p.s. The latest on the dog bite; a very contrite student (whose patient was the one that bit me yesterday) came this morning to apologize. I was nice to him and I am positive that this is a lesson he will carry for the rest of his life: warn unsuspecting people about bad dogs. After all, we are a teaching hospital. Chances are the bitch would have bitten me anyway, but it’s the principle of the thing. And I now have permenant marker delinating the borders of reddened skin around the bites, courtesy of DH. Tomorrow I have a follow-up visit and hopefully will get all these plastic steri-strips and band-aids off my arm so my skin can breathe. That’s probably more irritating than the bites themselves.