NaNo Day 1

So, I’ve written almost 3000 words today. Can I keep it up? I certainly hope so. Will I write 50,000 words by the beginning of December? We’ll see.

The werewolf thing is coming along. Lily is a lot like Rayne so far. I may have to adjust as I go along, or after the month is over and I start the editing and tweaking and rewriting (oh my!) process.

I wrote all 3000 words despite us taking a trip to the beach today. I took lots of great pictures, including an amzing rainbow that appeared out over the Atlantic. That rainbow pesisted for nearly an hour, changing intensity and arching higher into the sky. I’ll be posting these pics soon, probably tomorrow. Now, I’m tired. Tomorrow will bring another day of writing and wandering. Maybe another 3000 words, to make up for the days that I know are coming where I won’t be able to write.