NaNoWriMo, ahoy!

nano_09_blk_participant_120x240_pngWhat’s that on the horizon?! Yet another month of writing insanity, called National Novel Writing Month!

I ‘won’ last year, by writing 50,000 words in 30 days. That story, my werewolf idea, has gone nowhere since, but that’s probably because I’ve concentrated on the myriad of other stories that harass me at any given moment.

What to write this year? Well, I have a couple of choices. One is expanding on that dream that so captured my attention last month, tying together dreams, alternate universes, the concept of One True Companion for another, and Shakespeare. This might require me to become much more of a Shakespeare scholar in the long run, just for details or, since this is specualtive fiction, I can just make shit up. Probably the latter.

Tentatively titled Downtown Babylon, after a Paul Thorn song, my next choice is another non-supernatural, non-fantasy, non-weirdness story about normal people. Molly (have I picked a last name for her yet? It’ll be an Irish name, to take full advantage of the Irish-owning-a-bar thing) owns a bar in a Navy town in Florida (might as well say Jacksonville or vicinity.) It sits across the street from a church. She and the members of the church have a policy of mostly ignoring one another. Her place is more of a family place and she tends to mother-hen her clientele in her own way, tossing them on their ear when they’re too loud and obnoxious being part of the policy. Therefore her patrons tend to be pretty well-behaved. She is challenged by a young man who works at the church across the street, as to her lifestyle, which is not at all as decadent and sinful as he would like to believe. Typical for her, she pushes right back. Did I mention the on-again, off again musician boyfriend that comes around once in awhile just to shake things up? Or the homeless man she helps out? Or the dog?

Then there’s A Single Self, an idea I’ve had for ages, about a person who is the result of a single birth, in a world where identical twins is the normal way of things. Probably mostly psychological.

And I could always write on New Tricks, the sequel to Old Dogs that I’m writing right now. There’s plenty of material there and the characters won’t shut up, but I may give Valerie and Daniel a rest for the time being, just so I can come back to them fresh and with new ideas.

So, what’re you planning to write for NaNoWriMo 2009?

C’mon, spill.

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When you ignore characters, they get cranky

So, the entire month of November was dedicated to NaNoWriMo to the exclusion of all other writing, except for the occasional post here or to my LiveJournal. So, Friday I finished my 50,000 word obligation to obtain the bragging rights that go along with sucessfully finishing NaNoWriMo. Then I opened Rayne’s story, just to read and go through a bit here and there. What actually happened? Rayne started telling me about an incident during her stay at the Ryssan chapterhouse. I wrote five or so pages, and now ideas are surfacing about what will happen during the big battle near the end of the story. And valeria and Daniel are beginning to get restless, since I have yet to open the file on their story, and a big scene there happens during Thanksgiving. I really want to work on that during the holidays while experienceing the holidays; little details that I might miss writing them during other times might surface now. If nothing else, it’s almost like reading them for the first time after taking a break. I have no doubts that Lily and Jim will be doing the same thing again to me soon, since I’ve put them aside for awhile. Those two are a lot of fun to write and they’re just starting their life together. They have lots to tell me yet.

And I can’t wait.

Book cover has some cool links, one of which led me to Big Huge Labs magazine cover generator. This is what I got for my working title…


Yep, I’m still procrastinating…

Damn the wall…


The last bit of this NaNoWriMo story is killing me. My characters aren’t talking to me now. They were, but now all they’re giving me is drivel. I know, drivel will drive the word count up too, but, it’s just not coming. Short of cutting and pasting the phone book into my story, I’m going to have to fight for every word.

With luck, this will be an easy week at work and I’ll be able to work on this on my lunch break. Last week was not so productive at lunch time. I was fried enough a few days that all I did at lunch was play stupid online games to decompress. I just didn’t want to think. Thanks to Thanksgiving (there’s a song in that…) we only have three days to work this week. I hope to get this thing finished before then, but if I keep procrastinating, it’ll be down to the wire.

Entering the homestretch


So, I’m plugging along, well ahead of the 1,667 words that need to written daily in order to complete NaNoWriMo on time. But it’s not flowing as easily. It sometimes takes some kicks in the ass to get moving forward again. But it *is* happening. I’ll finish this thing and soon. Then I may ignore the file for quite some time and come back to it with fresh eyes and ideas. And, who knows, if I do that and it doesn’t all turn out to be complete drivel, then I’ll work on publication. In light of that goal, I found a new website I wanted to share. Called Forward Motion, the site’s goal is helping people get published. It is my sincere hope to accomplish that goal someday, sooner rather than later.

Wait for it…

I’ve almost broken 30,000 words!

One thing I’ve discovered about myself doing this NaNo… I CANNOT stop editing. I make myself write, this is true, but I have to go back and read. I always find new little details I can add, entire scenes, events, because of the chaotic way I write. I don’t reacll if I’ve mentioned this before, but I write in scenes. The characters tell me things all out of order and I just have to go with it. If I don’t and I try to write things in chronological order then I forget the later scenes before I get to them. And by that time the characters have clammed up on me. 

So, in the interest of listening to my characters in a timely manner, I’m off to do a bit more writing before bed. Damn the neccessity of a full-time job. It’s really cutting into my writing time.

11,000+ and counting


So, I’m writing madly and trying really, REALLY hard not to go back and edit and tweak and all the things I do instead of writing. These characters are telling me things as I go and that’s good. I found out tonight that Lily, my main character, is a bit dominant when it comes to what she wants from a lover. I’m not talking leather-wearing and whip-cracking, just very decisive and not afraid to tell him that she’s in charge. (It’s a wolf thing…) She’s in charge until she kinda loses herself in the moment anyway…;-)

I’m still at work at 8:19 PM, waiting for a dog to come out of surgery so I can take two shots of his leg to make sure everything went well with his orthopedic procedure and I can go home. It’s too late for me to eat now, otherwise I’ll be waking up at some unGodly hour with heartburn/GERD. I wish they’d hurry the hell up…