I did it!!

My book!!!!

After getting positive comments from a few agents but no one willing to take me on (“…we like it but it’s not something that we’re looking for right now…”, “Our readers liked it, but it doesn’t fit our formula for a romance”…) I decided to self-publish through Amazon. It’s already available in a Kindle edition and should be available in print form soon (Print-on-demand through CreateSpace).

While I would have rather gone the traditional route to publication, I’m impatient and I’ve been told by enough people that they enjoyed it and I was unwilling to do a HUGE rewrite to fit the formula set out by a romance publisher. I cringe to think of it as a romance novel, because there’s so much more to it than just the central relationship between Valerie and Daniel. But, I’ll leave you to discover that for yourself, if you care to do so.

Mama needs a new pair of shoes.


How do you pick a title?

I dunno, that’s why I’m asking. I’m very unoriginal and usually choose things that are already titles of other things, like songs. I figure if it works for the song, it by default, should work as a title for a piece of fiction.

I was at the Alachua County Friends of the Library Book Sale yesterday evening and was skimming through the titles. There were too many to actually read them all; we’re talking a huge open warehouse like space, filled with tables covered with books and the walls lined with them. It was the 4th day of the sale and therefore half-price day. It means I scored a plastic grocery bag full of books for $5.35. I actually got a title I’ve been wanting to read for some time, Isabel Allende’s Zorro. I usually look for hardback versions of favorites for my personal library at the sale, or anything interesting.

At any rate, I realized that no matter what name I give to my works of fiction, there has already probably been something by the same title already. I’m okay with that, just as I had to accept that there are lots of stories in the fantasy realm with female protagonists that are similar in some ways to Rayne. It’s just a bit disturbing when the first chapter of a book is really close to the situation your main character is in. I have to admit, I never finished reading that book; even the title escapes me now. It just depressed me that both were the youngest of the family and only daughters, that they both had a talent for healing and herbs (though Rayne’s does come much later in her life) both were quite tomboyish, yadda, yadda. It made me not want to keep writing.

So I’ll continue to write under working titles until a flash of brilliance attacks me and reveals to me the perfect title, or I just get tired of it being named by my computer as the first sentance I wrote and slap something on as a name. It’ll have already been the title of someone else’s book already anyway…