I’m not getting anywhere with it, I’m neglecting things around the house and my writing is driving me crazy!!! Too much to do with it, don’t know where to start, don’t have the time to devote to it because of work and home and AAARRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!!!
*takes breath*
Okay. Maybe if I just step back from it and just leave it the hell alone I can get some perspective. Or I’ll just dump it all completely and give up. I have no idea now.

I hate feeling like this.




It’s such an ugly word. The feeling isn’t all that pleasant either. None of my stories are grabbing me by the short hairs and screaming “WRITE ABOUT ME!!!” I wish one of them would. I carry my flash drive with me like a tasliman, sitting down with my lunch at work and reading, tweaking a bit. I spend my drives in my usual imaginary world, having conversations with and among my characters, but does much any of this make it out of my brain and through my fingers onto the drive? Not really. I’m getting frustrated. There’s almost too much that I need to get written down that is already established as fact in my stories… in my mind. Not on ‘paper’. I don’t know where to start and so it all slips away until all I remember is that “I had a good idea about this part but… what the hell was it?!”

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

Yeah, yeah, “Just write already, what’re you bitching about?” I can hear you.

Maybe I should just write a bloody cookbook.

11,000+ and counting


So, I’m writing madly and trying really, REALLY hard not to go back and edit and tweak and all the things I do instead of writing. These characters are telling me things as I go and that’s good. I found out tonight that Lily, my main character, is a bit dominant when it comes to what she wants from a lover. I’m not talking leather-wearing and whip-cracking, just very decisive and not afraid to tell him that she’s in charge. (It’s a wolf thing…) She’s in charge until she kinda loses herself in the moment anyway…;-)

I’m still at work at 8:19 PM, waiting for a dog to come out of surgery so I can take two shots of his leg to make sure everything went well with his orthopedic procedure and I can go home. It’s too late for me to eat now, otherwise I’ll be waking up at some unGodly hour with heartburn/GERD. I wish they’d hurry the hell up…