Wait for it…

I’ve almost broken 30,000 words!

One thing I’ve discovered about myself doing this NaNo… I CANNOT stop editing. I make myself write, this is true, but I have to go back and read. I always find new little details I can add, entire scenes, events, because of the chaotic way I write. I don’t reacll if I’ve mentioned this before, but I write in scenes. The characters tell me things all out of order and I just have to go with it. If I don’t and I try to write things in chronological order then I forget the later scenes before I get to them. And by that time the characters have clammed up on me. 

So, in the interest of listening to my characters in a timely manner, I’m off to do a bit more writing before bed. Damn the neccessity of a full-time job. It’s really cutting into my writing time.