Me? Oh, okay. I’m a veterinary technician by day, but after work I transform into…. a wannabe writer. Okay, so I already write… but an author is what I’d really like to be. I like other things too, reading, sewing (even though I’m not very good at it) music, and photography.

Am I any good at any of them? I’ll do…


4 Responses

  1. Keep at it.. It took me a long time to find a publisher.

    all the best



  2. Thanks so much Bruce! Although I do have to actually finish something in order to take that next step… I appreciate the encouragement.

  3. Hey Debi!! Stopped by to check you out!! Good stuff! I like the fiction excerpt —> 🙂 You have tons on here! I will have to visit often! Thanks for being such a cool friend!


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