The desolation of the neglected blog…

Tumbleweeds-6So, unless I’ve been prompted by my friends, well, by Juli, anyway, I haven’t added to my Pen Whore repertoire in quite some time. I still do write, I swear. Yes, there is a sequel to Old Dogs coming out.


Soon….ish. Okay, whenever I get back to writing more regularly! Sheesh!

The fact of the matter is my behind is dragging when I get home from work every day. Working with animal is tiring, working with cats exclusively can really tax your energy. Sure, they’re smaller than (most) dogs, but they’re totally different. And there’s other stuff that makes me tired. Money (or the lack thereof), trying to keep up with the house (and failing miserably, I might  add), day to day worry and stress seems to be sapping my writing skills and desire down to doodley.

And yet the ideas still poke at me from time to time. I still drive past the Gainesville airport and think of Valerie and Daniel’s trip to Savannah. I wonder which hangar his plane is in. Every. Single. Time.

I need a vacation but the need to pay bills is much more pressing and so it continues. Anyway, by the time I finally got all sorted out and ready to write it’d be over and I’d be off to do whatever it is I had neglected.

Maybe the picture above needs to be of a glass of w(h)ine. Maybe with some cheese.

I’ll get back to writing. I promise. Now, has anybody seen my muse? About 7 inches tall, leathery wings, smells faintly of sulfur?


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  1. Yeah, I saw him! He was boarding a plane to the Caymans with my muse. I hope they both get deported back home soon!

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