The desolation of the neglected blog…

Tumbleweeds-6So, unless I’ve been prompted by my friends, well, by Juli, anyway, I haven’t added to my Pen Whore repertoire in quite some time. I still do write, I swear. Yes, there is a sequel to Old Dogs coming out.


Soon….ish. Okay, whenever I get back to writing more regularly! Sheesh!

The fact of the matter is my behind is dragging when I get home from work every day. Working with animal is tiring, working with cats exclusively can really tax your energy. Sure, they’re smaller than (most) dogs, but they’re totally different. And there’s other stuff that makes me tired. Money (or the lack thereof), trying to keep up with the house (and failing miserably, I might  add), day to day worry and stress seems to be sapping my writing skills and desire down to doodley.

And yet the ideas still poke at me from time to time. I still drive past the Gainesville airport and think of Valerie and Daniel’s trip to Savannah. I wonder which hangar his plane is in. Every. Single. Time.

I need a vacation but the need to pay bills is much more pressing and so it continues. Anyway, by the time I finally got all sorted out and ready to write it’d be over and I’d be off to do whatever it is I had neglected.

Maybe the picture above needs to be of a glass of w(h)ine. Maybe with some cheese.

I’ll get back to writing. I promise. Now, has anybody seen my muse? About 7 inches tall, leathery wings, smells faintly of sulfur?


Liebster what?

So my very good friend and writing buddy Juli Page Morgan was nominated for  a Liebster Award and by virtue of my reading her blog, I’m nominated too! It’s a way to get some exposure for your blog and since I’m really bad about updating mine, I need all the help I can get.

The Liebster Award works like this:

1.  Anyone with less than 200 followers can be nominated.

2.  Each nominee should post eleven facts about herself or himself.

3.  Each nominee should answer the eleven questions that are asked by the person doing the nominating.

Here are the questions (and my answers:)

1.  Would you ever want to be as famous as Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson or even Justin Beiber? Absolutely not. I despise being the center of attention so much, that when The Spousal Unit and I made it official, there were exactly 5 guests at our wedding. My parents, his parents and his sister. And it couldn’t get over with soon enough.

2.  Do you have a bucket list and if so what is #1 on the list?  No bucket list. I do, however, have a mental list of things that I Will Never, Ever Do. Skydiving is one of those.

3. If you could pick a particular time in history to live when would it be?  So many to choose from and so many I’d like to see, except for that whole Women As Chattel thing. I would not have done well in that sort of environment. If I lived in the mid-nineteenth century and was a character from Gone With The Wind, I would not have been Scarlett, or Melanie, or Pittypat. I would have been Belle Watling. I’d have driven my own horses and owned a whorehouse. Okay, maybe I wouldn’t have owned a whorehouse. Then, maybe I would have…;-)

4.  If you had to choose between beauty or brains which would it be?  If I had to make a choice, I’d choose brains. After all, how ugly are we talking here?

5.  Have you ever had a paranormal experience?  Not that I am aware of. I am fascinated by such occurrences but honestly don’t know how I would react to actually being confronted by a spirit. My fervent wish is that if it ever happens, it is a benevolent and kind spirit. Otherwise I’m finding a cave and not coming out.

6.  Is writing a passion, a hobby, or how you make a living?  It’s a need, an itch, and so frustrating when I’m tired or otherwise worn out and the words won’t come. I have made enough to buy a decent meal. Once.

7.  Were you ever the Homecoming King/Queen?  *snerk* I was one of the newspaper geeks and my uniform was jeans and t-shirts. Still is, actually.

8.  Who is your favorite author?  Well, there are so many. Diana Gabaldon, Harper Lee, Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, J. V. Jones, Alexander McCall Smith, Juli Page Morgan, Thomas Harris (up until Hannibal, anyway)

9.  Oprah or Ellen?  Ellen makes me laugh, I keep hoping Oprah will give me a car.

10. What kind of car do you drive and what color is it?  The Spousal Unit and I have a 1995 black Ford F-150 pickup with loud pipes I affectionately call the BATmobile (Big Ass Truck) and a little blue Scion xD. I  love them both.

11. Where do you live and would you change it if you could?  I live in central Florida, the usual setting for my stories (write what you know!) but given a chance (and funds) I would live in Savannah, Georgia in a heartbeat. It’s already hot and humid in the summer where I live now and nowhere near as amazing as Savannah. Bugtussle is amazing only in its range of indigenous rednecks. And if I were really going for broke, I’d want to live in Scotland. The whole country is gorgeous, so I’d have a dilemma narrowing it down from there.

And to close it out, here are 11 random facts about me:

1. I watch the Antiques Roadshow every week. Every. Week. I would love to find a treasure like those.

2. I will always carry a grudge about my former employer. However it’s hard to be a hater in a college town and I’d have a job with them again so I could finish my education. Otherwise, it’s never going to happen.

3. I could be a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and Daughters of the Confederacy several times over.

4. I am attracted to cemeteries and graveyards and could spend loads of time just wandering, taking pictures and reading the epitaphs. They’re oddly soothing to  me.

5. I am a total music slut and love to sing along with the player/radio/alone in the car. Almost any genre of music is fair game. I’ve collected music from ABBA to ZZ Top, with a scattering of Celtic, blues and bluegrass, soul and country, R&B and all points between.

6. If I could have my ideal weather year round, I’d have it around 70 F in the daytime and 50 or so at night. And I like rain. Not until the Ark floats, mind you, but soft weather is nice.

7. While I’m wishing for ideal circumstances, my ultimate goal of residence would be to live on a number of wooded acres, a source of water in some form (river, creek, lake) nearby, with a couple of horses, some chickens maybe. I want to be able to hear the quiet, not shrieking neighbors and/or trains at all hours.

8. Despite my enjoyment of gardening, orchids have always eluded me, until recently. As an anniversary/Valentine’s gift (our anniversary is 1 week after V Day) this year, The Spousal Unit took me to a two hour workshop devoted to growing orchids and we got to take home the plants we repotted. And they’re still alive! And they’re going to bloom!!!

9. I love art glass, Waterford crystal, Tiffany and stained glass windows. I also own four cats. I do NOT own any art glass, Waterford crystal, Tiffany or stained glass windows.

10. I love animals, but I’m not a nutcase about it. What does make me crazy is those people that claim to be helping animals, may even think they are helping them, but have too many or refuse to let them go when their time has come. Quality of life is foremost, any suffering is intolerable, especially to satisfy an owner’s selfish inability let them go in peace. Okay, rant over.

11. In my next life, I want to come back as one of our clients spoiled cats. I could totally go for sleeping 20 out of 24 hours, having someone bring me my food, and watch birds through the window in my few waking hours.

Tag, you’re it! Answer the questions above (because I’m too lazy to make up a bunch more) and let me know so I can find out what your responses are!