With the start of a new semester at The University, my writing, such that it was, has come to a halt, save that done for classes. Consequently, the people who live in my head are stirring. They are aware of my preoccupation with something other than their lives and their concerns and they are massing, rubbing their hands with sadistic glee as they prepare to assault me with ideas that I don’t have enough time to act on properly. I may be only taking two classes, but working full-time cuts into writing time too. See, I need to sell that finished novel so I can make enough money to quit work and write (and go to school) full-time. Fat chance, but it’s a worthy goal. Plus, it’s getting closer to time for NaNoWriMo and I have to decide if I’m going to add 50,000 words in 30 days to the end-of-semester festivities and the holidays. And here I thought my life was kinda boring…

The demonic muse that abandons me for long stretches of time is leading the revolt of characters, telling them things to torture me with, trotting out ahead like a leathern-winged Pied Piper, with them following behind. I can just see it… Rayne is leading a battalion of Black Dragon guards and Ryssan knights, Lily and her pack are keeping watch, Valerie and her family are gathering with their instruments and building a bonfire and Daisy Gallagher is standing hand in hand with Matt and Mike, trying to see and hear everything. They’re all there and the pot is starting to bubble.

So here’s to the things that stir creativity, even if it is ill-timed. Here’s to being busy at work, and having classwork, and characters that are entities unto themselves. Here’s to long commutes and quiet time, the better to percolate  ideas, my dear. Here’s to unbroken flash drives, and Dropbox accounts, so those ideas have a storage place.

And here’s to having a few minutes here and there, just to get them down, before they disappear.