All Quiet on the Western Front

And right here in my writing attempts too.

Okay, so I’m working full-time, taking two classes at UF and holding the filth in my house at bay (not very well, I might add). Add to that the purchase of a new heat pump that is partially installed (can’t fire the installer, I’m married to him), lackluster performance at work (potetially caused by all of the above plus burnout) and you have one uninspired writer.

I’ve managed to write what I had to for class, with decent reviews. I’ve learned a LOT from this class and hope to repeat it with a different instructor next semester. (It’s one of those “repeatable up to three times for credit” classes). I’m just not getting anything else done. Nothing new has attacked me. I haven’t written a query for Old Dogs yet. I haven’t started anything on any of the ideas I wrote the concepts down for. I’m in a giant pothole, not just a rut, in work and writing.

Honestly, I think cash flow is a big issue. Maybe I should write about being one step ahead of the poorhouse. I’m getting less money these days, constant worry about money and bill-paying doesn’t help any, and I wish I could just stay home sometimes. No, not to crawl back under my rock, but to write.

And clean the house…