Wow, I’m a bad blogger…

So, to sum up everything that has happened since the last time I updated this, I got into the University of Florida as an English major. That was an ordeal. Now I’m in my second semester, taking an anthropology class (because the community college isn’t as free with the information that ‘our graduation requirements and those of the University will vary. You may transfer in but will still be required to take more social and physical sciences, as well as electives in addidtion to the classes for your chosen major’ as I think they should be) and a senior level creative writing class. These two classes are so much easier than the ONE class I was taking last semester. That is a saga unto itself, let me tell you.

The creative writing class, I love it soooo much. We write little short-shorts (sounds like Daisy Dukes, doesn’t it?) of 2-3 pages and critique them in class. And I am so impressed by the level of skill that my classmate possess. I’ve gotten some good practice and great help from them and my instructor is awesome. Jill Ciment is an author and has this way of cutting right to the heart of what your writing needs to make it really come to life. I hope to have more chances to learn from her in the future in other classes or as my MFA advisor, if I ever get there.

Her advice to us about whether or not we should pursue an MFA was very encouraging to me. The majority of my classmates are typical college age, early to mid twenties. I’ve got twenty years on them and could be their mother. Her advice was to ‘go out, get a job, live life some, then, if you still really want to follow the MFA goal, then do it. There are six spots, with 200-300 applicants. I really want to do this, provided I haven’t gone postal at work and lost my Employee Education benefits. Here’s hoping I can keep it together long enough to exploit the university for all I can. God knows I kill myself working there…


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