Writing contests: A way to get the word out

In a recent blog post, I expressed a desire to further investigate writing contests. It is suggested as a way to get a new/previously unpublished writer’s work some recognition. Now, having written a 92,000 word novel, I don’t know how relevant any writing contests are to me, so I thought I’d have a look. My Google-fu took me to the Poets & Writers website. They have a searchable database of grants and contests that can be sorted by a myriad of criteria, including genre and size of entry fee, if any.

So, I’m poor. By selecting ‘no entry fee’ and ‘fiction’, I was able to find a few interesting contests. Many are region-specific, like one for natives or residents of Washington state. I, however, am located in to opposite corner of the country from there, so I keep looking.

Now, how can you go wrong with a name like failbetter? failbetter is a literary magazine that “publishes original works of fiction, poetry, and visual art, as well as interviews with leading writers.” They are sponsoring a novella contest with no entry fee and a $500 top prize. Sadly, my mostly completed novel is far bigger than a novella. Moving on.

Writer’s Digest is having their 79th Writing Competition, but my work doesn’t fall into any of their categories and it’s a minumum of $20 to enter. Still not what I’m looking for.

So, I’m still falling short on my hunt foir a cheap writing contest. Plenty for $10 to $50 dollars, money I don’t have. Besides the fame it would bring, why else would I seek publication but for the fortunes? I have plans to be independently wealthy. I only hope I achieve in my real life, not just my daydreams.

The search continues…