And I’m spent…

But I did it!!!!! Right down to the freakin’ wire, but it’s done. 50,000+ words in 30 short days. About 15,000 of which were written in the past 3 days.

I am very tired now…


NanoWriMo- Day One

As you can see, I’ve gotten a good start on my NaNo project this year. I didn’t even get started until this afternoon but I already have better than my daily goal in the can, so to speak, and some rough outlines of scenes to come. Hopefully this will be a firaly easy goal to kick, especially with the extra time off coming my way this year. Veteran’s Day on the 11th and Thanksgiving later in the month should give me planty of time to rattle something quasi-coherent out. I’m waiting for the inevitable ticklings of my other characters, clamoring for attention, climing I’m ignoring them. Well, technically I am, so that Molly has her time to be in the spotlight. Even if these never get published, it’s all practice and improvement toward the goal of becoming published someday.

Yeah, I tend to be optimistic at the beginning, No doubt something will come along and piss in my cornflakes. But, until then, onward and upward!

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