I need an intervention ;-)


*A group of people sit in a circle in some cavernous community hall. A forty-something woman stands, tucking auburn hair behind one ear. She clears her throat.*

Hi, I’m Debi, and I’m a writer.

*The groups choruses, voices with varying degrees of sympathy, “Hi, Debi.” She continues.*

I’ve been a writer most of my life. It started with fanfiction, like many of us. *nods all around the group*
Then, I thought, ‘There’s no harm in this, I can write my own, original fiction. *Some grimaces of understanding, more nodding*
So I do write my own stuff. And I like it, I think it’s good. And then another idea comes to me; so I write that. And another.
*Sympathy mixed with horror now suffuses the group. One of them gets up qith quick, nervous movements to get another cup of anemic coffee.*
But I never finish anything. I try, I set goals to have a certain word count by a certain time; sometimes it works. I join groups like NaNoWriMo, *gasps from some in the bunch; one voice says quietly “I hear you.”* but it just adds more stories to the bunch I already have. So I try just writing one, letting the others alone. *She swallows with a nervous giggle.*

Then, last night, just before I woke up, I had a dream. *Wide-eyed stares greet her latest confession. The whole group knows where this is going and they listen in horror, like watching a train wreck.*
I dreamed a new storyline. A really good one, I think. I want to write it, really bad. I think this could really be the one.
*Cries of “No! Don’t listen to the dreams! Just let it go!” echo around the dank meeting hall. She nods.*

I know what you’re all thinking: ‘She can’t handle another story.’ She can’t finish what she has; why the hell does she want to write another one?’ Well, I don’t know. But I woke up this morning with that idea in my head and it won’t leave me alone. So, you know what? I’m going to let it stay. It can play with the rest of my stories, and I’ll think about it and write on it whenever I want to!

*Amid shouts of sympathy and protest, she turns and walks out the door.*

I can do this, I can write this story. And it will be good.
So there, pppbbbttt!!! 😉


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Stupid Muse…

CL0883The wedding quilt still haunts me. I need to clean up my months-idle sewing room, and, in doing so, perhaps sit down and sew a bit. I just keep finding other things to do. Like play endless rounds of Spider Solitaire and watching crap on TV. Very important to a writer, to allow for idle time to let the mind decompress. Yeah, that’s it! (Damn those chickens)

I have managed to write some in the past few hours, a couple of small scenes during the break-up period for Valerie and Daniel. Stories from further along in their relationship try to butt in, but I am filing them mentally and/or making notes in the tag end of the document, because I know how I am about remembering Really Good Ideas more than five minutes down the road.

My muse is notoriously lazy and not very helpful. No pretty women or (better yet) scantily-clad men to incite my imagination. Oh no. My muse has to be different. Picture a tiny gargoyle or demon with ragged wings about the size of a guinea pig. What follows is a typical encounter.

“What was that idea I had about the stuff found in the closet? It was really cool and had all sorts of possibilities.”


“I just asked you a question.”

“About what?”

“The idea you tortured me with while I was dozing off last night?”

“Oh, I dunno. *yawn* Can’t you see I’m trying to sleep?”

I think he’s a reject from monster-under-the-bed school or something.

At any rate, I have managed a few scenes that take place in the current story, not further down the line. Don’t know if I’ll make the 100,000 word goal by the tenuous deadline we set on the LOL Lit Forum, but I’m trying. Not really hard, but some effort has been made.

Okay, I’m going back to work…*sigh*

Oh yeah, someone harrass me about finishing my application to UF. It may take me several hours to find the link to my saved application, or they may have deleted it by now. At any rate, someone poke once in awhile. If my work won’t pay for work-related schooling (online tech school) then they will pay for a work-unrelated English degree. I sure as hell can’t afford it.


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