Thing I do when I should be writing

It’s quiet in the house, I’m sitting in front of the computer, (one of) my story/stories is open in Word and what am I doing? Making book covers. Big Huge Labs has a bunch of generators, for movie poaters, magazine covers, all that you can upload your own pics to and play away. Like I need something to waste more of my tie.

But it’s fun. And I get to try out ideas for what I think the cover should look like. Like this one:

Old Dogs

old dogs 2It’s Valerie and Daniel’s story, set in north central Florida.( Old Dogs is a working title, especially since I just found out there’s a movie coming out with John Travolta and Robin WIlliams by the same name.) There are swamps and stuff here, and they live on a lake. While the text could be classified as a contemporary romance, I don’t want it to look like one, with grappling couples and impossibly lush scenery behind them that has nothing to do with their real locale. The landscape is enough for me. If not this, then it will be something just as simple, a picture of a dirt road, or a pasture.

Okay, enough for now. Back to writing.

Or something.


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