Why does writing new material sometimes make you frustrated?

waahI love talking to friends online and especially talking writing. We discuss our characters, read snippets of each others’ work, comment and offer constructive criticism. Except I’m not getting my usual dose. I have a friend I bore online every weekend with endless babbling about my characters. I’m pretty sure I monopolize the conversation, though my friend never complains. I know I’m still being a pain in the ass. A forum that used to be quite lively now has crickets singing. That’s probably why I’m annoying my friend with my endless yipping about my stories. Right now, our weekly converations are just about my only outlet. I’d love to find a nice, informal, small but active forum to post my work and read others. I’ve joined a couple of places but none of the ‘formal’ sites is the right fit. There are lots of rules or lots of people (or both) and I don’t know what to do. Granted, I haven’t really tried posting to these new sites because I keep hoping the lit forum I’m haunting will pick up, or our LJ group will have more activity. I know everyone is busy and I’m just whining again.

On the brighter side, one of our weekend ramblings did produce a plot change for Rayne. I like it much better, with her being less of a damsel in distress and more of a proactive, drag-her-own-ass-out-of-the-fire kind of girl. And it brings her oldest brother back into the picture and gives them a chance to understand one another better. I’m still working on it, and there’s lots more to write before I can wrap up this chapter of her life, but I’m liking what I’ve done so far. I’m bridging the cracks in the story, fixing the holes (where the rain gets in, and stops my mind from… sorry.;-) and trying to build a cohesive story from the mess of notes and ideas I have thus far.

If I’m honest with myself, Rayne’s story may not be the best one to pursue if I intend to ever get published. I know there’s a huge market for fantasy stuff; I walk past the shelves and writhe with envy. But is it any better to break into the market with something contemporary? Or someing paranormal? Of course, I’m nowhere close to having anything done to present to a potential agent or publisher. I wish I knew.

Wow, all this whining sounds familiar. I should really try to find something new to write about when I write about my writing.

Say that three times fast.


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