How do you stay focused?


So, I’ve been writing a good bit on Valerie and Daniel’s story and I think it’s going well. But other characters are starting to pipe up, characters that aren’t participants in their story (Okay, it’s Rayne. She and Keresh are poking at me again. “Just read a little. You don’t have to write anything. Just read about us. You’ve got 200 pages. A little reading won’t hurt anything.”). Now Valerie and Daniel have done a bit of gardening and survived a canoe trip and more scenes are suggesting themselves, but I’m finding myself reading the same scenes over and over and they are starting to get stale. I know if I leave them alone they’ll be fine again later, but I don’t know how to keep it fresh while I work on it. Maybe not reading, maybe not touching anything for a day or two? Or should I just slog along and keep writing, try not to read over it so much. That’s the way the NaNoWriMo philosophy goes: Don’t read it over; just keep writing. I can’t help it though. I’m a born tweaker. I read it over, find typos, a slip of a phrase, a better word, and I have to do it.

So, staying on track is a difficult task, but one I have to work on if I ever want to finish anything. Writing is increasingly important to me as I learn and share my work. The dream is to be published someday, but if I never finish anything… well, you know how *that* story ends.