When a snake falls in a canoe…



…things can get interesting.

Yes, the stagnation/writer’s block/black cloud seems to have abated. For now. I’m sure it will cycle around again at some point.

But meanwhile, back at the ranch, I believe one story has decided it wants me to write it.  *applause*

Valerie and Daniel have been giving me glimpses into their lives again and the title (of this post) scene is fun to write. Take a girl that lives in Florida, loves her home, yet is terrified of snakes, put her and her friend in a canoe on a creek in the middle of the swamp and drop a snake on her neck. Oh, the fun! Concern will be followed by arguments as to who should lead them home; a good time will be had by all.

Other parts of this story are also starting to gel and the editing is getting tighter on my part. Sometimes, when I go back and read what I’ve written, I get excited, thinking “Wow, that sounds really good!” But not always. This story is coming in its own sweet time and isn’t always very forthcoming in the ideas I’m trying to convey. Does that make any ffriggin’ sense at all? Sometimes, the words flow, the concepts are clear, the imagery is good. But others, the action is a little stilted, a character is far sillier than a person of their age and experience should be, the words to express that thought or concept that character is having are buried too deep in the grey matter to rise up and be heard. My therapy has been to give it a rest when I get frustrated and let it come to me. If the basic storyline is there and I’m not ready to rip my hair out, I rattle the scene off, basic structure, dialogue and reactions, then I edit the shit out of it after a time. And soemtimes, in those sessions of editing, a insight pops its little head up and waves at me, or a friend reads my post on a bulletin borad and gives me their impressions, and then it begins to flow again. Maybe like molasses in January, but some progress is being made.


Which way is east?


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