Okay, I’m doing it…


 Rayne’s story is getting a alternate ending. I won’t say new just yet since I haven’t yet written it but the bug has well and truly bitten and I’m going to explore she and Keresh becoming a couple at the end of this long journey. That may interfere with her returning to her family farm since he had really expressed a desire to return to warmer climes, but we’ll just see what happens. The two of them in my imagination are no longer looking at one another and saying “Eeewwww….” and Garoben has graciously consented to die in this alternate version in order to provide some angst and drama and make room for Keresh to take his place. Wasn’t I just recently trying NOT to make Rayne such a tragic melodrama queen? What happened to that? Huh? Looks like I’ll have to lighten it up a bit elsewhere if I want this to work. And trim a sexy scene between Garoben and Rayne. And their wedding… and… and…


Bloody demanding selfish characters. No wonder I never finish anything.


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