What to do when characters won’t behave?

2041671260_982e088052So, here’s my dilemma. I’ve got my favorite main character. She’s had some rough times, she’s finally found love, come through all the hardships to the other side, but there’s another man in her life. They are like brother and sister and he is somewhat older than her. But it would make such a great pairing if they ended up together, and make for further adventures maybe in the future. Her love interest is a wonderful man, they love each other deeply and I have already written a series of scenes that could potentially lead to his demise, opening up the way for her and her oldest friend to become a couple. Trouble is, I hate to kill the guy off. I’m going to be offing other characters along the way (mostly unsavory sorts) and she’s had a lot of tragedy in her life as it is. I’m trying to lighten it up a bit and not make her such a melodramatic mess, but still the thought nags at me. Death for the current love interest is the only option for the pairing to happen.

My current plan is just to write alternate scenes of the new reality and see what happens. If it’s terrible then I won’t have wasted any time. I can just set the ideas aside in a folder of their own for later perusal. If nothing else it will give me some writing exercise.



2 Responses

  1. Hang in there, Debi. Why didn’t we take up something less nerve-wracking like, say, air traffic control? Here’s a thought: Have you considered that everyone may just THINK he’s dead? And he might show up again in a future book? Talk about some angst! It’s like Diana says, if you don’t see them go “gak” you can’t count on the fact they’re dead.

  2. LOL… well, his death would be from massive wounds acquired in battle and pretty much bleeding out, despite her near-fatal attempt to heal (life magic) him. If I kill him off, I’m pretty sure he’s gonna go ::GAK!::, warrior’s funeral pyre, the works, all with a myriad of witnesses. Who knows if I’ll ever get this massive thing written? It’s already at 200+ pages and I know I haven’t even touched on half of what needs to happen for it to just make sense.


    Maybe I should look into being a rodeo clown. Or maybe a brain surgeon. That’s got to be easier… 😉

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