Getting inside your character’s head


Now, I’m not claiming to be an expert by any stretch of the imagination; I’m mainly using this blog to catalog ideas I like that I think might help my writing and sharing them in case anyone cares.;-) I’m totally stealing this idea from a thread on the Compuserve Writer’s Forum Research and Craft folder. The idea states : “Show the reader what your character carries around in his/her pockets.” What a cool idea! So, go on, stand your main character(s) in front of a table and empty their pockets. What do we find?

Rayne, as an adult has a few things. A few coins, a bit of withered carrot, some leather string (dunno why, my brain just kept telling me “put some string in there!”), random seeds or leaves she may have picked off plants or bushes she’s passed in her travels, and a smooth stone from the river that flows past her childhood home. She always carries a small knife at her belt, for eating as much as anything. She has always been crap with a weapon, though she insists on still carrying her father’s cavalry saber even though she is barely capable of not injuring herself on it.

Valerie, from my contemporary story, always carries a pocketknife in the right front pocket of her jeans. The left front pocket probably holds a compact digital camera and/or her cell phone. Keys are on a clip on her belt loop and her back pockets may be empty or may hold something she put there temporarily and forgot about, like a comb or her wallet. She’s a bit absent-minded and loses these things on a fairly regular basis, even when they are on her person.

Lily, from my NaNoWriMo werewolf story, tends to carry very little in her pockets. If anything, it might be some   money in case of emergency. The occasional need to Shift form neccesitates that few valuables are kept in pockets. Clothes don’t change with the Lycan and therefore are left behind. Makes for some interesting transformations if the Lycan isn’t back where her clothes were removed. Lily’s already had one close call; let’s see what else we can come up with!


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  1. I’m thinking I’ll post about this too, great idea! I’ll link back to this.


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