Not much to report in the writing department lately. Buy work, busy time of year, yadda, yadda. I’m beginning to realize in Rayne’s story that I’m making her way too tragic and too many bad things are happening to her. Now, I know that bad things happening to characters makes for good drama, but damn. The girl has had way too much. And I’m starting to rethink the ending, with more tragedy than exists now. Maybe I’m just depressed. It’s Christmastime and as usual, I’m broke.


Not feeling particularly inspired to write, but I should stick to it anyway. I should just read the stuff and think about it, maybe something wil come to me in my sleep. I could use some good dreams, since my waking world is a bit grey right now. Seasonal depression and/or hormones getting the best of me.

I’ll be brighter and not so down next time.



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  1. It must be an epidemic, Debi, as I have the same Blah when it comes to writing. I think mine must be some sort of fear of finishing, as all I need to do is finish editing and flesh out some of the chapters. I can’t make myself do it! If you come up with a solution, bottle it and send me a case. 🙂

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