When you ignore characters, they get cranky

So, the entire month of November was dedicated to NaNoWriMo to the exclusion of all other writing, except for the occasional post here or to my LiveJournal. So, Friday I finished my 50,000 word obligation to obtain the bragging rights that go along with sucessfully finishing NaNoWriMo. Then I opened Rayne’s story, just to read and go through a bit here and there. What actually happened? Rayne started telling me about an incident during her stay at the Ryssan chapterhouse. I wrote five or so pages, and now ideas are surfacing about what will happen during the big battle near the end of the story. And valeria and Daniel are beginning to get restless, since I have yet to open the file on their story, and a big scene there happens during Thanksgiving. I really want to work on that during the holidays while experienceing the holidays; little details that I might miss writing them during other times might surface now. If nothing else, it’s almost like reading them for the first time after taking a break. I have no doubts that Lily and Jim will be doing the same thing again to me soon, since I’ve put them aside for awhile. Those two are a lot of fun to write and they’re just starting their life together. They have lots to tell me yet.

And I can’t wait.


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