Should auld acquaintance be forgot…

*with apologies to Robert Burns*


So, the crappy year of 2008 is staggering its last few steps tonight. With hopes, 2009 will be better. It has to, since it’s bottomed out. Nowhere else to go. There’s lots of thing I could make resolutions about, the usual losing huge quantities of weight, end my lazy streak, start taking classes again. But I’m making any promises. The best way to disappoint myself is to start swearing I’m going to change something and the heavy stubborn streak kicks in and I get resistant, in a very passive-aggressive way, of course. Anyway, here’s to the end of 2008, and the beginning of 2009.

What the hell does this have to do with writing, since this is supposed to be my writing blog? Nothing. Everything. Where work hard at your craft meets live life, experience things and write what you know. Right now, I know a lot about beaing a lazy slug and feeling disgruntled with a lot of things, but life not being terrible just the same. Compared to many I have no room to complain. And yet I still do. So I write, and I torture my characters and I bitch. So maybe getting out there and doing something fun and constructive will help my characters have better lives too, since I won’t feel compelled to make Bad Things happen to them. The again, everybody wants their lives to be calm and happy, but that makes boring fiction.

We’ll see how it goes and take it from there.



Not much to report in the writing department lately. Buy work, busy time of year, yadda, yadda. I’m beginning to realize in Rayne’s story that I’m making her way too tragic and too many bad things are happening to her. Now, I know that bad things happening to characters makes for good drama, but damn. The girl has had way too much. And I’m starting to rethink the ending, with more tragedy than exists now. Maybe I’m just depressed. It’s Christmastime and as usual, I’m broke.


Not feeling particularly inspired to write, but I should stick to it anyway. I should just read the stuff and think about it, maybe something wil come to me in my sleep. I could use some good dreams, since my waking world is a bit grey right now. Seasonal depression and/or hormones getting the best of me.

I’ll be brighter and not so down next time.


MarySue test

I love this! A series of questions that helps you see if your character is too MarySue and needs a bit of help. Fortunately Rayne is only slightly MarySue and I think I can fix that. So, just for fun, check your characters. The Universal Mary Sue Litmus Test

When you ignore characters, they get cranky

So, the entire month of November was dedicated to NaNoWriMo to the exclusion of all other writing, except for the occasional post here or to my LiveJournal. So, Friday I finished my 50,000 word obligation to obtain the bragging rights that go along with sucessfully finishing NaNoWriMo. Then I opened Rayne’s story, just to read and go through a bit here and there. What actually happened? Rayne started telling me about an incident during her stay at the Ryssan chapterhouse. I wrote five or so pages, and now ideas are surfacing about what will happen during the big battle near the end of the story. And valeria and Daniel are beginning to get restless, since I have yet to open the file on their story, and a big scene there happens during Thanksgiving. I really want to work on that during the holidays while experienceing the holidays; little details that I might miss writing them during other times might surface now. If nothing else, it’s almost like reading them for the first time after taking a break. I have no doubts that Lily and Jim will be doing the same thing again to me soon, since I’ve put them aside for awhile. Those two are a lot of fun to write and they’re just starting their life together. They have lots to tell me yet.

And I can’t wait.