Damn the wall…


The last bit of this NaNoWriMo story is killing me. My characters aren’t talking to me now. They were, but now all they’re giving me is drivel. I know, drivel will drive the word count up too, but, it’s just not coming. Short of cutting and pasting the phone book into my story, I’m going to have to fight for every word.

With luck, this will be an easy week at work and I’ll be able to work on this on my lunch break. Last week was not so productive at lunch time. I was fried enough a few days that all I did at lunch was play stupid online games to decompress. I just didn’t want to think. Thanks to Thanksgiving (there’s a song in that…) we only have three days to work this week. I hope to get this thing finished before then, but if I keep procrastinating, it’ll be down to the wire.


2 Responses

  1. I understand hitting a wall. I’ve done that recently as well. Good luck in this last stretch. Still got a long weekend on the horizon for writing.

  2. Thanks! Good luck to you as well. I’m just really itching to get past the 50,000 mark and be done with it for awhile. I have other characters from other WIPs that are bugging me now. Demanding s.o.b.s…

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