Cranking along on NaNoWriMo

2w4zh451It’s day 7 and I have almost 20,000 words. Maybe I’ll hit the mark early and then have time to do the editing that drives me crazy anyway. It’s very hard for me not to go back and reread already (actually too hard, ’cause I’ve done a bit *slinks away in shame*) but I’m doing my best. There are still several scenes that should let me reach my goal, despite working full time. If I get stuck at work again, waiting on a case that never comes, I’ll put the time to good use again.

So, the idea has turned into a bit of a paranormal romance, a werewolf family and the human outsider that works his way in without know what they are. Don’t worry, he’ll figure it out. Jim’s a smart boy. I’m toying with the idea of making his surname Tanner, just from the occupational implications that would have to a a werewolf. He’s not a tanner though; he’s a veterinarian.

And as for writing prompts, the Gainesville NaNo site has a virtual idea jar. I love the idea. I’ve hit it for a few ideas and added some myself. There’s a big guilt factor for me to use a resource like that and not do something to contribute. Have a peek and see if it’s as helpful to you.


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