11,000+ and counting


So, I’m writing madly and trying really, REALLY hard not to go back and edit and tweak and all the things I do instead of writing. These characters are telling me things as I go and that’s good. I found out tonight that Lily, my main character, is a bit dominant when it comes to what she wants from a lover. I’m not talking leather-wearing and whip-cracking, just very decisive and not afraid to tell him that she’s in charge. (It’s a wolf thing…) She’s in charge until she kinda loses herself in the moment anyway…;-)

I’m still at work at 8:19 PM, waiting for a dog to come out of surgery so I can take two shots of his leg to make sure everything went well with his orthopedic procedure and I can go home. It’s too late for me to eat now, otherwise I’ll be waking up at some unGodly hour with heartburn/GERD. I wish they’d hurry the hell up…


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  1. Ouch, sounds like a rough work day. I know how you feel about trying not to go back and edit. It’s always nice learning new things about characters, though. It’s amazing how they take on a life of their own when you just start writing. Good luck!

  2. Yeah, you know what the best part about my day at work? They weren’t planning to take post-op films because it was late and they didn’t want to call someone back in. *insert growling here* The surgeons were apparently the only people in the hospital that didn’t know I was waiting. Right after I posted this blog entry, I went walkabout to check on their progress and saw them in the hall. One’s response to seeing me was “Oh shit.” They were very apologetic but the fact reamins that I was there for two more hours than neccesary. *sigh*
    That’s what I get for taking so much call for the extra money. But it was fun talking to my characters for a couple of hours, mostly undisturbed. Little things are starting show up in their personalities that are weird, funny and sometimes disturbing. No wonder people think I’m crazy 😉

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