We have a winner!




I did it! 50,184 words later and I’ve fulfilled my first NaNoWriMo obligation. Now I can put these characters to bed for awhile, let them plot and plan behind my back for awhile, then somewhere down the road, they’ll jump out at me, yell “Boo!” and then start babbling about all the mischief they’ve been up to. Trust me, I know this to be true, because Valerie and Daniel and Rayne have all been nagging at me to come read their adventures the whole month I’ve been writing about Lily and Jim. I think the others are a bit jealous…



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Book cover

NaNoWriMo.org has some cool links, one of which led me to Big Huge Labs magazine cover generator. This is what I got for my working title…


Yep, I’m still procrastinating…

Damn the wall…


The last bit of this NaNoWriMo story is killing me. My characters aren’t talking to me now. They were, but now all they’re giving me is drivel. I know, drivel will drive the word count up too, but, it’s just not coming. Short of cutting and pasting the phone book into my story, I’m going to have to fight for every word.

With luck, this will be an easy week at work and I’ll be able to work on this on my lunch break. Last week was not so productive at lunch time. I was fried enough a few days that all I did at lunch was play stupid online games to decompress. I just didn’t want to think. Thanks to Thanksgiving (there’s a song in that…) we only have three days to work this week. I hope to get this thing finished before then, but if I keep procrastinating, it’ll be down to the wire.

Entering the homestretch


So, I’m plugging along, well ahead of the 1,667 words that need to written daily in order to complete NaNoWriMo on time. But it’s not flowing as easily. It sometimes takes some kicks in the ass to get moving forward again. But it *is* happening. I’ll finish this thing and soon. Then I may ignore the file for quite some time and come back to it with fresh eyes and ideas. And, who knows, if I do that and it doesn’t all turn out to be complete drivel, then I’ll work on publication. In light of that goal, I found a new website I wanted to share. Called Forward Motion, the site’s goal is helping people get published. It is my sincere hope to accomplish that goal someday, sooner rather than later.

Awake at 4 AM: Good for creativity?


We’ll see. I really should use this time to fold some laundry, but I doubt that will happen. Why spend this unexpected consciousness doing something I hate? Nope, since I’m wearing the enormous NaNoWriMo t shirt, I’ll be getting the flsh drive out and pecking away at the keys again. Will what I write at this unGodly hour of the morning be worth a damn? That remains to be seen. I almost wish it were a bit later and I could just go ahead and out some breakfast in the toaster oven.


Okay, maybe insomnia is an issue my charaters might suffer from at times. Write what you know, right?

Oh, all right, I’m going… *trudges off to find the flash drive*

Wait for it…

I’ve almost broken 30,000 words!

One thing I’ve discovered about myself doing this NaNo… I CANNOT stop editing. I make myself write, this is true, but I have to go back and read. I always find new little details I can add, entire scenes, events, because of the chaotic way I write. I don’t reacll if I’ve mentioned this before, but I write in scenes. The characters tell me things all out of order and I just have to go with it. If I don’t and I try to write things in chronological order then I forget the later scenes before I get to them. And by that time the characters have clammed up on me. 

So, in the interest of listening to my characters in a timely manner, I’m off to do a bit more writing before bed. Damn the neccessity of a full-time job. It’s really cutting into my writing time.

Cranking along on NaNoWriMo

2w4zh451It’s day 7 and I have almost 20,000 words. Maybe I’ll hit the mark early and then have time to do the editing that drives me crazy anyway. It’s very hard for me not to go back and reread already (actually too hard, ’cause I’ve done a bit *slinks away in shame*) but I’m doing my best. There are still several scenes that should let me reach my goal, despite working full time. If I get stuck at work again, waiting on a case that never comes, I’ll put the time to good use again.

So, the idea has turned into a bit of a paranormal romance, a werewolf family and the human outsider that works his way in without know what they are. Don’t worry, he’ll figure it out. Jim’s a smart boy. I’m toying with the idea of making his surname Tanner, just from the occupational implications that would have to a a werewolf. He’s not a tanner though; he’s a veterinarian.

And as for writing prompts, the Gainesville NaNo site has a virtual idea jar. I love the idea. I’ve hit it for a few ideas and added some myself. There’s a big guilt factor for me to use a resource like that and not do something to contribute. Have a peek and see if it’s as helpful to you.