The best laid plans…

… are often supplanted by someone’s offer to buy you lunch. There are three of us in the department that will often go to lunch together, always the same place, usually some variation on the three of us, with the occasional different member of our group. I was broke yesterday after having to buy gas on the way in to work (not as bad as it has been, down to 2.99/gallon). These junkets to lunch are more therapeutic than anything because the three of us get along really well and can vent and whine and complain to one another, knowing that the information is safe with the others. Most importantly, we make each other laugh. A LOT. So my lunch was spent in a different sort of constructive manner than was originally planned. All in the name of research… (*insert evil overlord laugh here*)

On a different front, the suggestion was made by a fellow poster at the LOL writing forum that Keresh and Rayne end up together as a couple. While the thought is intriguing (and maybe a scene from the past with them straying into romantic territory and finding it not for them is brewing), I can just hear both characters saying “Ewwww….. but (s)he’s family….”) They are not related by blood in the slightest, but they’ve behaved like big brother-little sister for so long, I don’t think it would work. It might be fun to explore, but I just don’t see it happening. Rayne has other romantic entanglements throughout her story, one of which almost ends in marriage. Keresh is too much a free spirit and Tarlia was the love of his life. He may be a lone wolf forever.


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