Busy week

So, I haven’t posted much here the past few days. It’s Veterinary Technician’s Week and at the VMC, I swear that means “go to these continuing educational presentations, which may not have anything to do with the job you actually perform, regardless of your caseload.” Sure, the information presented is interesting, but I work in Radiology; I haven’t done labwork in over ten years. I won’t be doing labwork anytime in the foreseeable future. If I don’t use the information on a regular basis, it atrophies and dies, because the words to “Satisfaction” have a firm hold in my brain and does not suffer interlopers lightly. As since I’m not certified (and may never be, at this rate) these CE sessions mean little to nothing to me, benefit-wise. Since I’m not certified, they don’t count toward CE credits to help me maintain my (nonexistant) license. I found myself finally at lunch about 2 pm yesterday, trying to do a bit of writing/editing and I was nodding over my laptop! When your own writing isn’t enough to keep you awake…

This will all find its way into my writing sooner or later. Characters too busy to do basic chores like grocery shopping will also be neglecting relationships, pets, taking out the trash and that will affect said relationships, pets and trash receptacles. So, with that in mind, I think that’s what I’ll write today at lunch, provided I actually get lunch and don’t doze during that hour.

Valerie is really busy; getting the house repaired, car trouble, with work, maybe with studying for renewing her certification as a vet tech (because she is one), maybe one or more people are out sick from work and she’s coming down with it herself… I could go on, because my own life provides such scenarios on an alarmingly regular basis. And maybe when the shit hits the fan (hopefully only in the figurative sense) she’ll realize she can’t do it all herself and she should accept the help offered. I’m discovering Valerie is a very proud person, doing everything she can so she knows it’s done, and to her standards. That’s why she hung on to her marriage for so long; she couldn’t admit to herself that it was screwed up until the evidence slapped her in the face. So she’ll be running around, ninety to nothin’, and something will happen to force her to stop. I’m not sure if I’ll use an existing scene and elaborate, or if I’ll start from scratch. Of course, it should be Daniel in the role of Shining White Knight; this story is, above all, their story. I think they’ll be together in my imagination for a very long time. I already have ideas perking for after the reconciliation and I haven’t even written all much of the pre-relationship stuff yet.

Okay, whinging over. Back to the world inside my head.


2 Responses

  1. I can so identify with having the words to “Satisfaction” stuck in your head. Of course, my inner ear’s been gleefully singing, “Dream A Little Dream of Me.” Your fault, too! *G* (Btw, it’s Page from LOL)

  2. *VBG*
    I tend to title things with other titles, usually songs (Which reminds me, I heard “The Rain Song” the other day and immediately thought of you and Katie and Jay…;-) Valerie and Daniel’s story may end up with a musical title, as soon as I find “their” song. Back in my HL fanfic days, they all had song titles “Running on Empty”, “We Belong”, “Push”.
    I’m just not very imaginative when it comes to titles. Someone else has already come up with something far cleverer than I can.

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