How real life events make into my writing

Things like today. A dog bit me, not horrible but the worst bite I’ve ever had. Right now, I hate dogs (not really, but you know what I mean). Stupid dog… and we’ll be doing orthopedic surgery on this dog, which means more opportunites for her to bite me in the future, when we do follow-up radiographs every few weeks. With my luck, this will be the dog that things go badly with, and she will be back in the hospital even more often… *sigh*

So, a scene I was thinking about for Valerie and Daniel’s story will definitely become a part of it. Instead of a dog, it wll be a cat, and Daniel will be the unfortunate victim. It’ll be another way to put the two of them together. And hopefully it’ll offer further insight into both of their personalities. Valerie ends up helping Daniel cope with his injuries and possible rabies exposure (not something that a British native might worry about right away). She is familiar with cat bites, as I am. I’m just really glad it wasn’t a cat that bit me today. So much worse… I see them, Valerie and Daniel, so clearly in my mind, sometimes I forget other people aren’t privy to the story as it stands. So I’m trying to write as things hit me, but with being busy, ugh… I spent my lunch in the campus infirmary icing my dog bite instead of the library with my flash drive.

But tonight I may spend some time with Rayne, just reading and fixing little grammar things. I miss her, now that I’ve been mildly obsessed with Valerie and Daniel. So maybe we’ll just spend some quality time tonight. After I take a shower with a bread bag taped over my arm.

Did I mention my husband works in human medicine? The bread bag is his device.


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