The best laid plans to write are often laid to waste. Maybe if I just stop planning to write and just catch as catch can, it’ll happen more easily. Not today, though. I read over a bit of stuff at lunch and now I’m fading fast and have yet to open a file to write anything new or edit.

The problem is too many distractions. I can’t write and have anything else going on; TV, people around, pretty much anything drags me out of what I’m doing. Like now. Some guy is remodeling his townhouse on HGTV and my brain keeps ignoring my fingers on the keyboard and what they’re trying to do and paying attentiopn to the granite countetops and wood flooring. Must. Stop. Procrastinating.

It’s Thanksgiving at the Roark household and Daniel is meeting the extended family for the first time. A guy from England completely immersed in a Southern family gathering? Gotta be some culture shock in there someplace…


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