Back to the salt mines…

Back to work this week, so daily upadtes or posts obviously aren’t happening lately. What I’m learning from this, something I should know by now, is that backing away from the writing for a few days often makes the muse feel neglected, and the little imp starts pestering me again. I’m not complaining, mind you.

Had a long conversation with myself on the way home from work in Valerie’s voice. The event takes place prior to the beginning of the story I’ve already written, but will work well as a flashback or just background information. Valerie is divorced and the mediation conversation was what I went over today. Her husband cheated, she caught him, she wanted out. Sounds simple, huh? Never! All she wants is her freedom but her soon-to-be ex strings it out just for spite despite his desire to marry his current paramour. This is the same guy that comes to visit her long after their divorce (drunk to boot) and very nearly forces himself on her because he feels she owes him something. Yes, he’s a jackass. That’s okay, it gives Daniel an excuse to be a hero, while still allowing Valerie to be an independant smartmouth.

Rayne is quiet for now. She has been my central writing focus for so long, I think maybe a rest is in order for her story so I can come back to it with a fresh perspective. I’ve got over 200 pages of her life committed to flash drive; we can have a break. We’re both okay with it.


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