Taking a break

The trip to the Quilt Show was fun, got some amazing pictures of some amazing works of art. Also got to witness human behavior in all its glory. One vendor was yelling at a woman, “No pictures, no pictures, NO PICTURES!!” There was a lot of noise going on and she was looking into her viewfinder. The poor woman was nearly attacked by the female half of the vendor team (The Screamer was male) and she very quickly offered to and did delete the photo. Now, from the standpoint of the vendor, I can understand their wanting to protect their designs, but they can find a less offensive way to express that. I saw no sign around any of their merchandise requesting no photography. I fully intended to enter their booth and perhaps buy something because I like their designs (animal patterns). I was put off by the confrontation to the point that I said aloud, hopefully where they could hear me, “Guess I’ll just move along.” So, I was a participant in the bad behavior, couldn’t help myself.

As this relates to writing, it’s nice to clear my mind of all the gears and smoke of trying to concoct a story and not worry about it. So now when I go back to reading it over, editing and writing fresh material, maybe it will be just that: fresh. One can only hope. I plan to sit down with the story/stories tomorrow and see if anything new arises. It should (I hope). If not, maybe more mind-emptying is called for and I have a wedding quilt I should finish.

Monday starts a new work day after almost ten days off. It’s been ten years since I made the Trip to Scotland and it’s been fun reminiscing with Con, Jette, Cat and Philippa on LJ. More material can be had from that trip, as long ago as it happened. I’m thinking Valerie took a similar trip about the same time and she and Daniel will have things to talk about, Daniel being a Brit and all.

I know, they aren’t real people, but they are stubborn and talk to me like real people. All they’re missing is a physical body…;-)


2 Responses

  1. Great quilt photos also!

    I added you to my Blog Roll!
    (hope that’s OK)

    Thanks, your Blog is really fun!


  2. Thank you. I’m surprised it’s at all coherent sonce half the time I’m trying to post my DH is watching TV with the volume up, or the cat is harrassing me, or I’m in the library at work with students all around me talking, or (insert distraction of your choice here). As long as the words form proper sentances, who cares if they make sense? 😉

    BTW, how do I get to your blog? I’d like to check it out,

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