Happy Birthday to Me

Today, I am officially 18, with 25 years experience. (For the math challenged, such as myself, that’s 43). As per usual, I’ve taken next week off from work. I’ll try to write, finish the wedding quilt (for the wedding that happened back in March…) and generally try not to think too much. Work can be a mental strain and it’ll do me some good to have a nice empty head. (There are some that would argue that my head is that way much of the time. Who am I to disagree?)

I hope to have more to post to the Lallybroch Literary Forum. I get the best advice from those wonderful ladies. I am truly in awe of the talent there.

For now, I have chicken in the oven, Dr. Who on the TV, and the laptop in my.. well, my lap. I’m fairly content with things. Forty-something isn’t so bad.


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